My soon-to-be-famous Sangria

11 Jul

The best time to serve this is the day after it is made. This allows all of the flavors to marry, and the fruit to leach out all of their flavors.

Makes 2.5- 3 quarts

Equipment you will need:

A large pitcher ( glass or plastic; not metal)

Wooden Spoon

sharp knife

Cutting board


1- 750 ml bottle of an inexpensive, but assertive dry red wine ( no Merlot OR Beaujolais; use a cabernet or a shiraz)

2 apples

2 oranges

2 plums

2 peaches

1/2 cup sugar

2 cups grape juice blend ( such as cran-grape, apple-grape, ect.), OR 2 cups cherry flavored Juicy Juice®.

1 cup citrus-flavored vodka


Thoroughly wash the all fruit, setting aside oranges. Cut and seed the apples,peaches and plums with the skins on. Dice fruit and place into pitcher. Cut the top and bottom off each orange, and place the orange on the cutting board with the cut side facing up. Using the knife, cut off the skin of the orange, removing the white pith underneath (If you take the short and  hand-peel the orange the usual way, it will make your sangria have a bitter aftertaste).  Cut the orange into three or four pieces, and add to pitcher.

Pour the sugar on top of the fruit. Then with the wooden spoon, mash the fruit in the pitcher until fruit is wwll broken up. Add Juice, vodka and wine; stir until blended. Place a lid on the sangria and let “age” for 24 hours.  To serve, pour into ice-filled tall glasses and enjoy.

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