RIP Starbucks and Bennigans

30 Jul


I wished I felt bad about the closing of these establishments, but I don’t. I do feel bad about the people who are losing their jobs; they did nothing wrong. I have no sympathy for the mass production of mediocre fare and the systematic dumbing down of the American Palate.

I mean, C’mon people! Are you really gonna miss nachos, onion rings, buffalo wings, burgers and fries? Are you going to miss jalapeño poppers, southwesten egg rolls, and some hot vegetable dip?

No. Because you can get this stuff anywhere, and that’s where Bennigans went wrong. Bennigans only stood out for the “decor.” That’s it. Nothing new, original or innovative. Oh well, Buh-bye.

Starbucks. I never liked their coffee. Overpriced swill.

Now, I have to be fair. I love lattes, macchiatos, and a decent espresso.  But, I won’t buy them from a global giant with their Stepford-style workers, faux hipness and cultural relevance. Whatever. I’ve had one of those lattes from Starbucks, and nearly got into a screaming match with the help because I wanted a shot of caramel in my then $4.50 cup of insane indulgence.

And after all that, it wasn’t that great.

So folks, I say adieu to these establishments, and pray all those customers who patronize these places spend their money in a locally owned store. Keep the money in your communities.


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