This Week (so far) in Restaurant Shenanigans

13 Aug

The Culinary Chick saw two interesting item in the news over the past three days, and decided to enlighten you folks. If you haven’t heard about this first incident, then let me tell you.

Apparently, A cook in an Indiana steakhouse received six months in jail and three years probation for tampering with food. The cook, unhappy with a customer’s complaint about over-cooked food, took it upon himself to add something extra to the man’s replacement steak: Hair. And, according to a co-worker, the cook told him it was hair from his nether regions. The customer found the hair in his steak, and called the police. Needless to say, Skippy is done as a cook in that town.

Incident number two has to deal with a Burger king employee videotaping another employee taking a bath in the utility sink. I have included the video, so you can see this for yourself. It caused such a furor, that the guy taking the bath, the camera girl and the manager on the tape were all fired.

I find myself making excuses all of the time for this kind of behavior; so much so, that I wrote about it on my old blog. The sentiments expressed in that posting remain the same; these people have no place in the restaurant biz.


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