My Addiction, or Guilty Pleasure

30 Aug

I have an addiction. An addition so bad that every Saturday, the world stops between Noon and 5 p.m. My addiction, or guilty pleasure : cooking shows.

I make sure all of my chores are done before the Bewitching Hour. I make sure the Sous-Chef has enough snacks to tide her over, and I have plenty of G2 sports drink and a snack. Then its off to the shows.

Noon- Cooking For Real ( Food Network). I like this girl; she’s a lot better than the Semi-Homemade lady, and she has a gourmet edge. I understand she has no real culinary background, but I like her none the less. Her recipes and techniques are easy to follow, and are accessible to everyone.

12:30- Made in Spain ( PBS). Jose Andres’ show is part travelogue, part demo. I like his exuberance for food, and a alumnus of El Bulli, the mecca for all chefs. He is a student of molecular gastronomy; I am working on a story about that now to present to you folks later on.

1 p.m.- Everyday Baking/ Primal Grill with Steve Raichlen ( PBS). I fluctuate between the two; This week, I’ll watch the grilling show since I plan to grill out tomorrow. The baking show is elegant and shot wonderfully. The recipes are both homey and gourmet. The drawback? It’s a Martha Stewart production, and if you don’t know how I feel about Martha , I’ll have to explain my absolute loathing of her.  The grill show is good; and since I am lax on grilling techniques, I watch it to get tips on smoking and grilling.

1:30- Julia’s Kitchen with Master Chef’s (PBS). Just to see my hero ( who passed on my b-day) in all her glory is enough for me. This show features all of my nouvelle cuisine all-star chefs from the 90’s such as Alfred Portale and Jean-Georges Vongerichten

2:00- Complete Pepin (PBS). I love him. He’s old school. He demonstrates cooking techniques and basic culinary skills that will help you gain knowledge and skills in the cooking arts.

2:30- Baking with Julia (PBS). Again, I can’t get my fill of her. I am not a baker, so I use her show a  reference for all of my baking needs. I once saw a show with her and a baker who made a sourdough starter out of grapes! I was blown away.

3:00- 4:00: Lidia’s Italy/Lidia’s Family Table (PBS). Both of these shows by Lidia Bastianich feature rustic Italian cuisine from many regions; but be warned, you wont find Fettuccine Alfredo recipes here.

4:00-5:00: America’s Test Kitchens ( PBS). The recipes demonstrated on this show can be a little complicated, and the host of the show wears a bowtie ( which in itself, is annoying to me) , but I enjoy how they explain how to use the best techniques to achieve the best results.

Tomorrow I’ma putting on a giant slab of ribs on the grill, so I will be incognetus ( thanks, Seth McFarland), until Monday.

Happy Labor Day!!

The Culinary Chick

2 Responses to “My Addiction, or Guilty Pleasure”

  1. jacqib August 31, 2008 at 10:55 am #

    Oh I’m with you on that. I love many TV cookery shows. We have lots of cookery shows here in the UK. (Actually, we have a whole channel, UKTV Food). For a few years it seemed that cooking was ‘the new rock’n’roll’. Some I like, others bore me. My current favourite is Chinese Cooking Made Easy with Ching-He Huang. She does easy, and light Chinese food – not full of fat. I like those with a twist as well, such as the Hairy Bikers. Delia Smith’s programmes are boring, because she is boring.

  2. culinarychick August 31, 2008 at 6:14 pm #

    Thanks Jacqib!

    Food Network used to have a plethora of ethnic chefs on their channel; however, the powers that be have decided that they no longer want ethnic programming on their station. As a matter of fact, they just started putting black people back on tv!

    In the old days, they had Asian and Cuban chefs demonstrating their respective cuisines. I wish they would get back to that, along with having an East Indian chef showing us how to make stuff like Palak Paneer, Masala, and other Indian delicacies.

    Now, for my wistful guilty UK pleasure…
    Two Fat Ladies!!! I loved this show! They used so much butter, cream and other fats; it was like watching a foodie version of “Kill Bill.” I used to watch this show with some of my chef friends and watch the faces of the uninitiated. Sheer Joy!

    Thanks for coming to my site, and tell all of your friends!

    The Culinary Chick

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