The McPalin Grilled Pig Sandwich

21 Sep

Picture this…It’s a Saturday night, and the CC has had a few glasses of wine. As I sip the heretoformentioned wine, I ran across this article on ( I LOVE this siteI).  The owner of the Lion’s Den Restaraunt in Midtown Anchorage, Alaska came up with this sandwich after hearing the lipstick-on-a-pig comment from the Obama campaign.

In short, it is a grilled pork tenderloin sandwich with caramelized apples, bacon, cheddar cheese and red onions.

Wait, wait…it gets better!!!

Guess what it is served with??

A tube of lipstick and fries

Just in case they take down the article later, here are some pics:

(Photos courtesy of KTUU, Anchorage Alaska)

Remember the smile the Grinch got when he came up with the plan to steal all of the Christmas presents from Whoville??

Yes, YES; Sweet Domination!!!

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