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Origin food labels to begin

5 Oct

According to the Associated Press, new regulations regarding labeling of food will take affect over the next six months. Produce companies issued origin stickers for years on their items, and now all meat slaughtered in the U.S. must be labeled as such.

There is one stipulation, however. Food in its natural state will be required to have an origin date. Once processed in any way, the food is no longer required to have any origin labels.

Example: raw lamb ( origin label); lamb stew made from that same lamb and served at a hot food bar ( no origin label)

Whole cantelopes. grapes and pineapple ( origin label); fruit salad made from the same fruit ( no origin label)

Frozen or fresh shrimp ( origin label), shrimp salad sold in market ( no origin label)

You get the picture, right? Some places will label their processed food, but it is not required by law. keep that in mind if you intend to only buy foods from certain places.