My Official Inaugural Drink : The Barackatini

20 Jan

I first ran into the Obama cocktail a few days ago while pleading to Anthony Bourdain to let me give him a proper tour of Baltimore in a recent post.  In his blog, he wrote about this ghastly concoction containing come form of cocoanut  (probably Malibu rum), Blue curacao, and pineapple juice. Besides making your teeth chatter with all that extra sugar coursing through your veins, it just sounds just plain nasty.

Obama has an elegance about him, with just a hint of swagger. I suggest that a drink named after him contain these elements. I suggest we make something similar to the drink pictured above. This is the official (at least according to the website) Barack Rocks Cocktail.  The recipe is from The and can be found here.

After consulting a few buddies of mine, we decided to make up a martini (elegance) with a kick ( swagger). We came up with the Barackatini.

Note: This is what we thought a proper tribute to our next president. I am acutely aware that this may just be another form of another drink out there somewhere, so save all of the ” hey, that’s just a (insert drink name here) for someone who gives a fark, thank you very much.

The Barackatini ( serves two)

In a shaker with ice, pour the following:

2 healthy shots of raspberry vodka

1 heathy shot of Cointreau

splash of pineapple juice

splash club soda

Orange twist for garnish

Blue decorating sugar for rimming glass

Chill martini glasses for 20 minutes. Run a twist of orange around the rim of one glass and drop into martini glass. Repeat with the other glass. Place the rim of each glass into the blue sugar and set aside.  Shake  contents of shaker until well blended, and strain  into martini glasses. Enjoy!

In the spirit of the day, let us all rejoice in the realization of a dream deferred.

Mazel Tov!

2 Responses to “My Official Inaugural Drink : The Barackatini”

  1. Anne Keefe January 20, 2009 at 1:49 am #

    Will have to razzle dazzle up this drink in celebration tomorrow…or perhaps tonight…..sounds too delish to wait

    • culinarychick January 20, 2009 at 2:20 am #

      Yes, Ma’am!!

      I plan on making a pitcher full of Barackatinis for my friends tomorrow, I’m entertaining my cousin and my roommate for the day!
      Thanks for reading!

      The CC

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