The Perils of Packaging

25 Feb

tropicana-packagingSo: Old and reliable wins out over the shiny and new.

PepsiCo unveiled new packaging for Tropicana Juice, and let’s say it was a big NO from the public. The major complaint from consumers said that it wasn’t clearly marked anymore ( which I can attest to). Last Sunday, I went to  my over-priced chain supermarket with the newly- designed “Whole Foods” style decor, and it took me a minute to find my no-pulp juice. I really didn’t notice the change in design until I noticed the new retro-style lable, complete with the Helvetica typeface.

I wonder how nostalgia plays into how consumers relate to and ultimately choose the products they buy. In this case, PepsiCo relented, and will return to the packaging its consumers are used to.  I don’t get bent out of shape about packaging changes as far as logos and branding are concerned, what gets me twisted is when they change the size of packaging.  Now, that’s a soapbox you do not want me to get on ( just thinking about the change in sizes of laundry detergent, ice cream, peanut butter, candy bars, ect., just raises my blood pressure to the point of one day  finally meeting Elizabeth Sanford, whew!!!)

But, I digress.

Pepsi is all over the whole throwback look. If you haven’t bought a Pepsi lately, you are missing the whole nostalgia craze. Here is an example of how Pepsi Looked last year, and how it looks now:

old-pepsinew-pepsi If you noticed, the lettering went from futuristic and slanted on an angle denoting action and speed, to a solitary, minimalist design with the retro-style lettering. I wonder why the decision was made to go with this style. Does the economy have something to do with it? Is it the return to a design that inspires nostalgia within us. Hell, I jut noticed that the Pepsi can isn’t red on the bottom anymore.  I’m not a design expert, but I do notice stuff.  I notice the shift in advertising to  something a bit more confortable and reassuring. Its no wonder that stock in Campbell’s Soup and McDonalds is up, one for the cheap prices of their products; and two, because of the comfort food factor.

If there is anyone out their that can explain to us how this all works with graphic design and advertising, let me know!

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