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Food Cravings

3 Feb

sweet-potato-pieHi Kids!

Did we have a good Superbowl Sunday? I hope you had a good time and didn’t drink too  much.

Did you know that February is Great American Pie Month?? Neither did I,  who knew? Well, this is appropos for what’s been bothering me lately.

I’ve been on the old healthy living kick, and have managed to lose quite a bit of weight. One of the things I had to give up was my love of pie. I love pie, and lately, pie has crept back into my slumber like a bad boyfriend. You remember the good times and then one day, you remember why you left that bastard.

In my attempt to quell the gnawing hunger for pie while maintaining my diet,  I’ve attempted several things:

1) I’ve toasted a piece of bread and applied natural, no-sugar added apple sauce;

Nope, didn’t work

2) Eaten raw apples and pretended it was pie;

I’m not delusional, so that was also a wash

3) Ignoring the cravings altogether

Obviously, this isn’t cutting it either

So, I’m going to dinner tomorrow, and on the menu is an apple-pear tart. Close enough.

What are you craving?