The price of bread

2 Mar
So long, dear friend!

So long, dear friend!

Okay, I’m totally over the price of bread.  I was appalled last week when the price of my favorite bread went up  from $3.49 to $3.69 a loaf. Miffed, I bought it anyway,  for I love my oatmeal bread.

Some of you eschew this haughty loaf, opting instead for the squishy, spongy, flavorless Styrofoam-like substance that dares calls itself bread on supermarket shelves today. Maybe you are the type of person who merely thinks of bread as something that holds the meat together.  Or were you one of the sheep-like hoards that viewed bread as something inherently evil and, gasp! full of carbohydrates as we witnessed in the 90s.
Sorry, I tend to soapbox it up a bit when subjects  like this come up.
Anyhoo, my point is this: my grocery bill is astronomical for me and the Sous-Chef, so I have to find ways to cut back. I don’t buy anything  pre-packaged because I believe that fresh is best. These things as you well know are usually full of preservatives, salt and sugar. I rarely buy seafood  because frankly, I am so picky that it just isn’t worth it to me to spend a ton of money on one or two servings of fish.  I’ve cut out all of the extras, like artisan cheeses and crackers and other gourmet snacks that liven up my day-to-day, so there is only one way to go: Buy cheap bread.
I can’t do it. But what I can do is to make my own. Therein lies my dilema.
I can burn it up with the rest of them. I can construct recipes in my head and know with an almost certainty how they will turn out.  A pinch of this, and a drop of that, and voila! Perfetion. Any chef can tell you that the art of cooking is freeform. No one needs a specific recipe, all you have to do is to make what you want.
Baking is a strict taskmaster, because baking is based on a chain of chemical reactions to achieve the desired result.
I am not a baker. But that will not stop me from trying to make my own bread. I’ve conducted some research and found a website that has lessons.  The Fresh Loaf is listed on my blogroll. I’ve found  tinned steel professional-style pans at a reasonable price, so I’ve purchased them from Amazon, and plan to start experimenting as soon as I get my pans. I hate to say goodbye to my bread, but if I am successful, I’ll never buy bread again. I’m also going to try and chronicle my progress here on my blog.
Wish me luck!

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