Shut up food police

13 Mar

There is actually a group called The Fat Panel in Great Britain, and they\’ve released a report saying the recipes celebrity chefs prepare and present on television are laden with a day\’s worth of saturated fat. The summation of the report is in an article in The Guardian. This group is the equivalent of our food Nazi, the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

Well, let me tell you something: Don\’t look to me for your healthy living and eating advice, there are plenty of other websites out there that care about that crap. What I will tell you is to eat everything you want, just not everyday of the week. You see, I\’m not one of those sheep that obsess about calories, fat and effing carbs everyday.

And neither should you. What you should do is what I do; I eat in moderation, and I don\’t have seconds of anything.  I eat a range of foods, but I make sure I always eat something green twice a day, along with lean protein and every night, the Sous-chef and I have an apple for dessert ( Yes, my dog LOVES apples).   I also work out three times a week, so I get plenty of exercise. And don\’t think those celebrity chefs ( with the exception of Paul Prudhomme and his doppleganger Dom Del Louise), eat like that everyday either.  So, we don\’t need another \”entity\” leaning on us telling is what not to eat.

Listen; what  and how you eat is entirely up to you,  I\’m just saying that you wont find anything super healthy here. If you choose to visit my site, then that\’s swell. If not, then that\’s okay too.

Everybody deserves something decadent once in a while.


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