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Recall of Health Valley Bars announced

23 Feb

The Georgia Agricultural Board announced a recall of several varieties of Health Valley Organic granola bars for possible salmonella contamination.

According to the Atlantic Journal-Constitution (http://www.ajc.com/news), Health Valley Organic Wildberry Chewy, Peanut Crunch and Dutch Apple bars may have possible salmonella exposure from soy grits used in the bars.

No press release has been issued by the makers of the bars at this time.

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Surprise! Yet another food advisory ( alfalfa sprouts)

28 Apr

This is the reason why I have a permanent tag for salmonella :

According to U.S. News and World Report, the government has issued an advisory for alfalfa sprouts.  The culprit: Salmonella. The government is warning cionssumers to refrain from eating any alfalfa sprouts, or products containing alfalfa sprouts. Go to fda.gov  to read the associated press release.

Pistaschio Recall Update: Setton recalls an addtional million pounds

10 Apr

Setton Foods recalled an additional million pounds of pistachios Thursday, according to Foxnews.com. The cause of the infestation seems to revolve around alleged reports of vermin infestation at the Setton processing plant. The public is warned to refrain from eating pistachio and products containing the nut or derivatives.

To date, no reports of illness from consuming pistachios have been reported.
More to come.

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Pistachio recall: An Update

2 Apr

The Associated Press is reporting that  Setton International Foods located in Commack, N.Y. stopped shipping pistachios as a response to public health and safety concerns. The New York  plant is the east coast locale of Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella, based on California.

Government officials are asking the public to refrain from consuming any pistachios or products containing pistachios until the source of the contamination is located. To date, no reports of sickness linked to eating pistachios has been reported.

Please visit the links on the sidebar for food safety to see if any particular brands of nuts have been recalled.


Mass Pistachio recall due to threat of Salmonella

1 Apr

According to the FDA, a pisatchio processing plants issued a recall of approximately one million pounds of pistachios, because the pistachios may have been exposed to salmonella. Because the nut is used in so many applications and priducts, the FDA has subsequently warned all consumers to refrain from consuming any product that may contain pistachios. This includes mixed nuts, trail mix, ice cream and/or any product that lists pistachio as an ingredient. A list of manufacturers are listed here.

More to come,


Peanut Plant Officials Knew of Salmonella Problems

7 Feb

Yes, People.
According to the FDA, these folks let money get in their way of their fiduciary responsibility.

Here is link to the rest of the article:

Peaut Butter recall update

4 Feb

Please, folks; If you haven’t checked the list from the CDC to see what products have been affected by the recall, please do so now.  Some brands of ice cream, gourmet peant butter, and some protein bars are now on the list.

Link to CDC list here