A letter to Anthony Bourdain

12 Jan

Dear Anthony Bourdain,

I ran across your blog the other day, and  was ecstatic that you came to my hometown–Baltimore, Maryland.  Then, I was surprised at your choice of eateries; Mo’s Crab and Pasta Factory. I’m sure you went there as part of the show, and to meet some of the cast of  “The Wire.”

While I appreciate that you may have enjoyed yourself at the fixture that is Mo’s ( BTW- What the EFF is an Obama drink???? I am a martini, Irish whiskey and Grand Marnier girl, and will not entertain anything the color of Windex to enter my gullet) ; I would like to formally invite you back to my fair city to take you on a tour of some of my city’s best, but little known eateries.  I feel that you missed some of the best food that we have to offer.

By the way; I’m not talking about some high-priced chi-chi, frilly place, but good food and great atmosphere.  Places like The Blue Moon Cafe, who serves the best breakfast in the city. Big portions, and all of it is homemade.  And, Peter’s Inn, with  ambitious food and atmosphere crammed into a  tiny Fell’s Point row home. And, while in Fell’s Point, we have to go to Bar, the original hole-in-the-wall.

Can I get an Amen? Amen.

Oh, and we can explore Hampden, hon for some of the local bars, and then make our way to the Real Deal Jamaican-American carry out for some of the BEST jerk chicken I’ve had to date.

Afterwards, we can stop by Club Chuck for a nightcap before I put you on the train back to New York. Did I mention you will have to pay, because I’m poor. Really poor. But that’s another story for another day.

Please entertain the idea of escorting a retired chef around town so I  can show you all the flavors of the town I love so dearly, warts and all.

Sincerely yours,

The Culinary Chick

PS: Anyone within the Baltimore-area who wants to throw in their two cents, feel free to do so.


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